Inspiring Religious Tolerance

I had an awesome time visiting with Jeffrey Davis. Jeffrey is an active and vibrant participant of community building and Israel. He’s served many years for the Jewish National Fund both on the national Executive Board as well as the New England Board. He stepped down from JNF last year and began working right away as Chair of Israel Bonds New England.

What impressed me most about Jeffrey is his open mindedness and acceptance of people. He shocked me when he mentioned in passing about spending time at Ohr Somayach in Israel. Jeffrey is not the first major player on national and international boards that I’ve met that spent time there. It is pretty incredible to see the reach of a yeshiva in Jerusalem and to think how much of an impact these places really have. It is truly immeasurable. Jeffrey speaks to us about his experience there and some of the lessons that he gleaned from his time in Israel.

We can no longer stand for labeling Jewish people according to movements. I’m inspired for the future when I hear influential people like Jeffrey’s take important lessons away from his time in yeshiva and how it has impacted his outlook and consumption of news from this side of the pond. Religious tolerance is rare gem today. People get so caught up in their judgements of others, they forget that we are all real people and not just a type. Much of these flames of judgement are fanned by the media today. A media who often times irresponsibly  try to evoke an emotional reaction to increase virility and revenues. Ironically, our world today is filled with interconnectedness through social media…but it is that same social media that makes it much more important to gather your own first hand experiences in life. Hat tip to Jeffrey Davis, a great builder of Israel and an open minded explorer of humanity.


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