Stay Positive: Don't Ever Give Up

You never know who you’ll meet. Just a regular day heading out to meetings and bumping into interesting people who clearly are working hard and mastering their crafts. I always get inspired by people who are passionate about what they do. In this episode we visit quickly with a young man raising money (canvassing) to feed children in need of care. When I explained that part of my job is stopping Jewish people to engage them in Jewish life, I decided to challenge him to a canvassing contest. His response about Jews really surprised me. Its incredible that people like him are so dedicated and determined to raise money and some raise $100,000’s per year for important causes.

We also visited with a professional cantor who shared a beautiful melody that he sings during the service. In his synagogue in England, people from all different religious backgrounds and practices attend so he brings this beautiful contemporary classical piece to new heights in holiness. Some street performers wowed us on the way to my next meeting. They put endless hours of work to perform and entertain others. Finally, as I always do, we walked through the holocaust memorial near Faneuil Hall. I always walk through with my yalkmulkee and tzis-tzis and its interesting to see peoples faces while I walk through there.

Feel free to watch the video above. Make sure you turn on the sound and get the full audio visual experience. For me, the common thread of inspiration in this video is how so many people are doing their thing and mastering their crafts. I was inspired by the meetings and I hope you are too. Keep bringing light into the world friends. Humanity needs YOU.

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