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OUR GOAL: $360,000!

Thanks to our generous partners, we have the opportunity to triple your impact and reach our goal of $360,000.




 JPULSE continues to grow every year, serving thousands of Shabbos meals and delivering thousands of hours of relevant and intelligent Torah learning in small groups and personal one-to-one meetings throughout Greater Boston. Our craft is connecting  young Jewish people through more intimate events and gatherings. Judaism is not a one size fits all and we strive to provide every young professional a tailored Jewish experience on their terms.

Thank you so much for continuing to reach higher with us!

Attending a Shabbat Table

Attending a Class About Judaism

Personal Meetings with a Rabbi

Learning Torah In Israel (3+ weeks)

Weddings or Engagements



To maximize your precious donations, we will be manually updating this page throughout the campaign. This literally saves us thousands of dollars enabling us to host more guests for Shabbat, have another coffee with our students, treat our classes to a light dinner and do so much more!

Pillars ($5k+ or $15k+ impact)

Sammy & Reyna Simnegar


Builders ($1k+ or $3k+ impact)

James & Jaimie Ballon 

Ephraim & Natasha Bakke

Rabbi JP & Mrs. Rachel Katz

Dr. Robby & Masha Sarah Lowenstein 

Rabbi & Mrs. Chesky Tarlow 

Ben & Lisa Marshal 


Moshe Iokheles 

Dima Mostovoy 

Daniel and Alex Bellhesen

Josh & Jasmine Walovitch “In honor of Rabbi & Rebbetzin Katz.”

Stephen & Adina Sansonetti “in memory of Douglas and in appreciation for introducing and marrying us!”

Dr. Avraham & Mrs. Shaindy Kelman We admire Rabbi Katz and Rabbi Greenblatt for the Avodat Kodesh they are doing. Chazak va’amatz. Go from chayil to chayil”

Zoe Soval-Levine

Val Bekker

Dmirty Linkov

Kevin Kostick

Dr. Robert & Masha Sarah Lowenstein

Matt Lebowitz



Partners ($500+ or $1.5k of impact)

Fred Levine

Alex & Yael Oppenheimer

Gary Charlstein

Jacob Brandt

Michael & Tamar Klompas

Dan & Elizabeth Hutton

Rabbi Avromi & Chani Klor

Ilya Okunev

Leon Vasershteyn

Berel & Elizabeth Bronshteyn “Keep up the great work!”


Members ($100+ or $300+ of impact)

Andy & Harriet Stich 

Evan Rabin 

Jonathan Epstein 

Jay & Wendy Greenwald 

Michael and Michelle Silverman 

Rabbi & Mrs. David Shoner 

Rabbi & Mrs Moshe Shoner 

Etana Matatia 

Lou & Anita Kafka 

Amanda Chapman 

Chad Kramer 

Mike & Ali Shepsis 

Alex Thompson 

Aggie Benichou 

Alex Finkielsztein 

Matt Mitlin 

Yisroel Mayer Rosenman 

Jason and Elizabeth Plawner 

Rabbi Yonatan and Michael Frankel  

Sacha & Ora Zito

Nate Goldman “Thank you Rabbi Miller for learning with me every week!”  

Ezra Gould 

Anna Oppenheimer 

Jeremy DuBouis & Hilary Bokoff

Michael Mintz & Rachel Wolff 

Izzy Zuber “Refua Shelayma Rophael Yisroel Chaim Ben Shifra Chanah, Chaim Binyomin ben Shoshana Raizel, Zev Avraham ben Shaina Zisla, Tova Raizel bas Zlota, Malka bas Beracha. 


Vernonika Kolisnakova “Thank you Rabbi Miller and Chaya Esther for all the learning and great Shabbat gatherings.” 

Rabbi Eytan & Leah Israel 

Andrew & Becca Kazakoff 

Andrew & Jaimie Levi “Thank you for all that you do!”

Jeffrey Kasofsky

Marissa Bernstein

Adam & Masha Katz “From humble beginnings of [an empty] classroom in Young Israel…”  

Jonathan Epstein

Rebecca Barrett

Alexis Fine

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Shonberg

Rabbi Dovid and Mrs. Shira Mintzes



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