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Trips to Israel!!!!

Because its never the same movie the second time around. This winter join dozens of Bostonians in Israel on the trip of a lifetime taylor made for your optimum experience in Israel. Would you like a free consultation to help pick a trip or even design your own? Get in touch: info@jpulse.org

Wednesday Nights!

What do you get when you get when members of the tribe converge at a chill venue for dinner, drinks, live music and great conversation? Think Lounge. Click here for more.

Habits of Successful Singles

This entertaining, online video crash course will take you less than 20 minutes to complete and could save you a lifetime of anguish. Click here for more.

We vlog it.

Our video blogs are fun, insightful and at times a bit off the wall.

The Silent Student Senate: Climate on the Tufts University Campus

This mini documentary focuses on the Tufts University campus and the climate and underlying issues behind the recent senate vote to divest from a handful companies who do business with Israel. The pro-Israel community only had three days to organize before the vote...
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What is Personal Freedom?

We journeyed to the nation's capital to the campus of George Washington University where we asked students and rabbis how they defined personal freedom. Freedom, especially religious freedom, is a concept throughout the Torah that most of the major Jewish holidays...
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College Students at AIPAC Policy Conference

In March of 2017, I attended my very first AIPAC Policy Conference where more than 18,000 people converged on Washington D.C. to stand with Israel. This was a tremendously inspiring weekend. Shabbat was attended by more than 1,000 Jewish people from all over the world...
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Rub the Turtle?

Rabbi Katz recently spoke at the Meor Maimonides program at the University of Maryland. He spent years building similar programs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and knows that the work is not easy. In order to help people gain a better appreciation of the...
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Miracle in New England! Go Patriots!

This Super Bowl Sunday, JPULSE and Congregation Beth Jacob of Atlanta went head to head in an unusual competition. A generous pledge of $5,000 played catalyst to a charity competition between the two communities. If the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl LI, then...
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Super Bowl Challenge!

Can you help us reach the end zone (see below) by kick off on Super Bowl Sunday? If we make it, then we win $5,000 when the Pats smoke the Falcons:) We have a $5,000 pledge on the table that either JPULSE of New England and Beth Jacob of Atlanta can win. Each...
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The Journal

Follow The Journal, a POV vlog about the building of jpulse, odd adventures, and random stories. Visit on YouTube or Click here to see some journal entries.

Journey with JPULSE

Journey with JPULSE as we do some Hebrew off-roading and take you to places throughout Boston introduce you the Jewish culture right here in your backyard.

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Meet people from all backgrounds.

Shabbos @ JPULSE

Join a packed house for a spirited feast fit for royalty. Members of the tribe from all backgrounds welcome.

Trips to Israel

FREE trips to Israel. Birthright returnees welcome. Click here for more.


We take singles seriously. Sign up for one of our famous singles events were things aren’t just a shot in the dark. Click here for more.


JPULSE prides itself on providing top shelf educational programming.Do you prefer a tutor, classroom or discussion group? Lets get you connected. Click here for more.