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Join another packed Fri. Night Feast and taste the Shabbos you can only find at JPULSE. Click here to register.

Kiddush/Luncheon @ JPULSE

JPULSE is partnering with our national affiliates on the rollercoaster journey of a lifetime. This life changing experience is not to be missed. Click here for more.

Multiplex Wed Nights!

Multiplex is a fun night of learning. Enjoy dinner with friends old and new followed by an informal and insightful hands on learning group. There are a wide variety of topics to choose from. Click here for more.


Fiddler on the roof eat your heart out! Even though you missed the delicious o’dourves, lachaim’s and some very live music at JPULSE at our recent jLounge, Click here to taste the vibes.


Meet people from all backgrounds.

Shabbos @ JPULSE

Join a packed house for a spirited feast fit for royalty. Members of the tribe from all backgrounds welcome.

Trips to Israel

FREE trips to Israel. Birthright returnees welcome. Click here for more.


We take singles seriously. Sign up for one of our famous singles events were things aren’t just a shot in the dark. Click here for more.

JED Talks

JED is where social and educational meet up for an inspirational and thought provocative evening. Come meet friends old and new during the happy hour preceding the talk.


Something for everyone.

Skype, Hangout, Facetime, Phone, etc.

Online Learning

Schedule a weekly one-on-one tutor online. You choose the time, topic and way you’d like to connect (eg. Skype, Hangout, Facetime, Phone etc.).

FREE trips to Israel!

Enjoy 18 hours of inspiration and one FREE trip to Israel.

Coffee with Rabbi

Meet up with your favorite Rabbi for a cup of coffee or ice-cream.

Executive Learning

Judaism isn’t one size fits all. Allow us to tailor a schedule to fit your schedule, interests, and personal goals.
Feed the body and soul.

Lunch 'n Learn

Meet up on your lunch break and feed your mind, body and soul while meeting new people close by.

Multi Media Center

Click here to visit our online multimedia center.


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