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Trips to Israel!!!!

Because its never the same movie the second time around. This winter join dozens of Bostonians in Israel on the trip of a lifetime taylor made for your optimum experience in Israel. Would you like a free consultation to help pick a trip or even design your own? Get in touch: info@jpulse.org

Wednesday Nights!

What do you get when you get when members of the tribe converge at a chill venue for dinner, drinks, live music and great conversation? Think Lounge. Click here for more.

Habits of Successful Singles

This entertaining, online video crash course will take you less than 20 minutes to complete and could save you a lifetime of anguish. Click here for more.

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Our video blogs are fun, insightful and at times a bit off the wall.

How to prepare and smoke kosher meat

In this video we walk you through purchasing and preparing a meat smoker and how to immerse the utensils and equipment. We also get a play by play on best practices with helpful tips from people in the know....


We had a blast visiting Cape Cod this past Sun. After a few hours on the pier fishing dozens of young professionals enjoyed time touring Mayflower Brewing Company. We ventured over to a delightful park where we grilled up some delicious tastes...

The Bearly Dead Talking Religion, Spirituality and Personal Filters

We visited with Jeff Vetstein and Tyler Brooks from Bearly Dead, a band that has earned a top shelf spot as a Grateful Dead cover band. They drew more than 1,000 fans into the House Of Blues in Boston and play every Wed. night to over 100 fans...

Rugby, Rabbi and Fighting Evil

We ventured onto the Rugby field to learn a bit about the rigorous sport, dedication and fighting evil. The team was practicing in the rain displaying true discipline and dedication. Rabbi Greenblatt used to play Rugby for England and shared a quick insight about the...

Los Angeles, Coffee, Whiskey, Home Grown Chickens, U.C.L.A. and Fundraising

By JP Katz Although I vlog now, we still need to keep the lights on at jpulse. This is a great opportunity for me to visit with old friends and new. This time I decided to take you all with me and share the journey. We visited with some very special people and had a...

The Journal

Follow The Journal, a POV vlog about the building of jpulse, odd adventures, and random stories. Visit TribeJournal.org or Click here to see some journal entries on jpulse.org.

Journey with JPULSE

Journey with JPULSE as we do some Hebrew off-roading and take you to places throughout Boston introduce you the Jewish culture right here in your backyard.

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Meet people from all backgrounds.

Shabbos @ JPULSE

Join a packed house for a spirited feast fit for royalty. Members of the tribe from all backgrounds welcome.

Trips to Israel

FREE trips to Israel. Birthright returnees welcome. Click here for more.


We take singles seriously. Sign up for one of our famous singles events were things aren’t just a shot in the dark. Click here for more.


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