Welcome to Boston Rabbi Yonasan Rodkin!

Team JPULSE welcomes Rabbi Yonasan Rodkin! Rabbi Rodkin brings more than 15 years of in depth Talmudic legal analysis and Torah learning with him. He is a ton of fun and loves connecting with members of the tribe on a personal level and in learning. Rabbi Rodkin makes Torah accessible to people from all backgrounds in a most enjoyable way. His depth and breadth of Torah knowledge combined with his unique energy and sense of humor make his learning sessions a not-to-be-missed experience.

His wife, Mrs. Rochel Leah Rodkin, has been teaching Torah to high school students for over a decade and brings her tremendous Torah knowledge and warmth to the young women of Greater Boston. She will be teaching classes for women of all backgrounds and knowledge base on a wide variety of topics. Mrs. Rodkin grew up in a Hillel House rabbinic family (Colorodo) and is equally looking forward to meeting and connecting with the young Jewish women of Boston.

The Rodkin’s love the outdoors and history. They and their six children are looking forward to hosting you for Shabbos soon!