Welcome to Boston Rabbi Shoshan!

Team JPULSE welcomes Rabbi Gidon Shoshan! He has served as mashgiach ruchani (spiritual supervisor) at Shapell’s/Darche Noam, a yeshiva for young Jewish men from a wide variety of backgrounds in their 20’s and 30’s. Since 2004, Rabbi Shoshan has distinguished himself as an energetic and effective teacher, and as a powerful motivator and advisor to the diverse group of young men who study here. His classes in Gemara, Mishna, Hashkafa and Chumash have transformed hundreds of students, while his personal advice and listening ear have given them the opportunity to grow personally and religiously. Over fifty campuses and communities throughout North America have benefited from Rabbi Shoshan’s visits.

Rabbi Shoshan, a product of both Yeshivat Hakotel and Mir Yeshiva,  later received semicha and completed a Master’s in Secondary Education from Yeshiva University. He also holds a BS in Business Management from Touro College. Before joining the yeshiva staff, Rabbi Shoshan served as the founding Outreach Director of the LINK Kollel in Los Angeles and lectured extensively in a wide variety of venues. Rabbi Shoshan also serves as a teacher and counselor for Ner Le’Elef, a foundation dedicated to training and assisting outreach rabbis around the globe.

Rabbi Shoshan has most recently been awarded the Leadership in Education Award by Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, an award bestowed to only 13 applicants out of several hundred from around the world. With the Leadership in Education Award, Rabbi Shoshan will begin a Master’s Degree in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard over the coming year, focusing on counseling and learning disabilities.  He will be traveling between Boston and his home in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

Rabbi Shoshan joins Team JPULSE at our center on Corey Road and is an invaluable addition to our night yeshiva program. For more information please email us: info@jpulseboston.com.