Welcome to Boston!

We are so excited to have the Miller family here in Boston! The Millers bring a tremendous warmth and relaxed vibe to our sometimes over caffeinated team. The Miller’s live in Malden which is just 10 min. by train from downtown Boston and will be meeting and learning with people throughout Greater Boston. The Miller’s will be joining us for Shabbos @ JPULSE and will be hosting their own Shabbos dinners in their home in Malden which can seat plenty of people comfortably. Our North Shore office and outreach center will be located at Beth Israel of Malden (10 Dexter Street, Malden, MA). Rabbi Miller is a tremendous musician and loves to jam out as well so we are especially looking forward to rocking out 5775 together!


Fun video tour of Malden with Rabbi Mati Miller.


Rabbi Mati Miller

Miller - Copy copyRabbi Miller is probably one of the most laid back Rabbi’s you’ll meet. He brings more than a decade of intensive study in Israel under the outstanding tutelage  of Torah luminaries such as Rav Tzvi Kushelevsky, shlita and Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz, shlita.  Rabbi Miller is an avid musician and enjoys chilling out with Jews from all backgrounds.

Rabbi Miller and his wife Chaya Esther (Burnham) and their precious children live in Malden and love hosting guests for Shabbos. Rabbi Miller teaches throughout Greater Boston so hit him up for a coffee or beverage of your choice: miller@jpulse.org.