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This post is a tribute to Esther Bas Avraham, my grandmother of blessed memory, of whom I have too many fond  memories to list here. One particular memory is her love for speaking yiddish and her teaching my younger sister this song among others. I remember the melody clearly. Recently, one of our precious students sent me the lyrics to the song which are equally as beautiful. My grandmother merited that all of her 16 great-grandchildren are Jewish and the majority of them are currently or will be learning Torah daily in Torah day schools both here and in Israel.

Check out the lyrics to this special song below and enjoy this rendition I found on Youtube. I’d also like to take this time to thank all those who came to the shiva house, to Rabbi Miller and Etz Chaim of Sharon who tirelessly helped make minyanim at the house, and to all those offered their condolences. I’d also like to recognize those (names listed below) who made generous donations to our important work at Jewish PULSE of Boston in the merit of Esther Bas Avraham.

Oyfn Pripetchik

On the hearth, a fire burns,

And in the house it is warm.

And the rabbi is teaching little children,

The alphabet.


See, children, remember, dear ones,

What you learn here;

Repeat and repeat yet again,

“Komets-alef: o!”

Learn, children, with great enthusiasm.

So I instruct you;

He among you who learns Hebrew pronunciation faster –

He will receive a flag.

Learn children, don’t be afraid,

Every beginning is hard;

Lucky is the one has learned Torah,

What more does a person need?

When you grow older, children,

You will understand by yourselves,

How many tears lie in these letters,

And how much lament.

When you, children, will bear the Exile,

And will be exhausted,

May you derive strength from these letters,

Look in at them!


Special Blessings and thanks for your generous donations:

Staurt  and Sarah Radonsky

Ellen and Richard Mazow

Marcia and Kenny Weiss

Lilian Savage

Enid Cosman

Newton and Anita Seder

Ronna and Michael Baskin


Lisa and Barry Fireman


John Connors, Jr.


Rabbi Dovid and Cyna Reisman


May all those who are mourning be comforted among the other mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim. May we all share in happy occasions together in the future soon.