Can you help us reach the end zone (see below) by kick off on Super Bowl Sunday?

If we make it, then we win $5,000 when the Pats smoke the Falcons:)

How it works:

We have a $5,000 pledge on the table that either JPULSE of New England and Beth Jacob of Atlanta can win.

Each nonprofit must raise $12,500 by the Super Bowl kick off (6:30pm on Super Bowl Sunday) to qualify to win the $5,000 pledge. The the rest is up to the home team to win the Super Bowl and bring home the Vince Lombardi Trophy!

In other words, if the Pats win, JPULSE gets the $5,000. If the Falcons win, Beth Jacob gets the $5,000.

This $5,000 pledge will have generated a total of $30,000. Everyone wins!

Please join us Sunday at jpulse for the big game!

Raffle! FYI – we are also raffling off $100 Amazon Gift Cards as well for specific categories. Click here for more.