Join us at 8:00 pm at JPULSE for a talk in a relaxed setting as we delve into some hot topics, holidays, life cycle and other interesting talks.Turkey Halacha copy

Mon. night Schedule

October 19 נח Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan: “Life Goes On” Rosh Chodesh on Friday Shabbos

October 26 לך לך “Vacation in Vegas” Laws of Gambling

November 3 וירא “Milk and…Eggs” Laws of Milk and Eggs

November 10 שרה חיי “Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday” Laws of Making Money on ShabbosBenMergui copy

November 17 תולדות Rosh Chodesh Kislev: “Opposites Attract” Rosh Chodesh on Sunday the 23rd

November 24 ויצא “Turkey Dinner” Thanksgiving Weekend

Dec 1 וישלח “Road Trip” Tefilas HaDerech

December 8 וישב “The Open Door Policy” Laws of Yichud

December 15 מקץ “Christmas Presents” Laws of תחנם לא. Chanukah Starts Tue.

December 22 ויגש Rosh Chodesh Teves: Rosh Chodesh on Tue.-Wed.


Past Talks

kashrut - milk and eggsSHabbos Big LebowskiVacation in Vegas Jewish Laws of Gambling copy