What does Torah say about the future of the world as we know it? Get the story straight. Join us for a crash course on what Judaism says about the future of humanity (e.g. messianic times, next world, resurrection and reincarnation). We will mainly be exploring the RambamĀ“s understanding of these concepts and how they fit together from a Jewish perspective.

Guest Speaker: Rabbi Anthony Manning from Shappell’s Darchei Noam and Midreshet Rachel (see bio below).

Thurs., Feb. 9th, 7:00pm

74 Corey Road, SECOND FLOOR, Brighton, MA 02135
Rabbi Anthony Manning: Rabbi Manning gave up a successful career in a London law firm (as partner of the firm) when he moved to Israel in 2002. Although he obtained a Masters in Law from Oxford University, he later became a rabbinic scholar and writer. Rabbi Manning currently teaches at Shapell’s Darche Noam amongst his other responsibilities at the yeshiva and lectures on university campuses across the globe.