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Dear Friends,

Since the early days at JPULSE in our home and even today with our center bursting at the seams, I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of charging guests for Shabbos meals. I know everyone does it, and I am in no way criticizing this sensible practice. However, I just think Shabbos is something we share with others. On the other hand, the challenge is great since we’ve grown so much. Our dinners easily attract well over 100 guests when we actively publicize. So what should we do?

Call us crazy…but we believe, that our fans and participants will join us in opening our doors even wider! At JPULSE, membership gets you something to give. You effectively sponsor someone’s Shabbos meal enabling them to connect to our community of Jewish young professionals in Greater Boston.

Join us in preparation for an unprecedented year ahead so we can keep moving full steam ahead and bring things to the next level! It has become too much for just one person and therefor we need to join together as a community and make it happen together!

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