Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz 

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz is a Senior Lecturer in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. Until his family’s aliyah in April 2010,he was the Rabbi of the Woodside Synagogue in Silver Spring,Maryland and Professor of Law at the University of Maryland Law School (specializing in contracts, bankruptcy commercial law, and bioethics). He received his rabbinic ordination from the Ner Israel Rabbinical
College; his BA from Johns Hopkins University and JD from Harvard Law School (magna cum laude).

He has written and lectured extensively both in the United States and Israel on the interface of halacha and contemporary society with a special interest and expertise in medical, family, business, and legal ethics.His articles cover topics such as  stem cell research, cloning, organ donation, land for peace, Jewish perspectives on war and gun control, and even Monica Lewinsky and halacha. (A number of his shorter pieces can be found on jlaw.com). He has also written many basic source books on Jewish values for
NCSY, an organization that does Jewish outreach to teenagers.


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