When in doubt, spark the grill. We had a great time building a sukkah with an impromptu gathering of brothers with one shared goal…build a sukkah and make a barbecue. Although we ran into an obstacle or two, we worked together to overcome. We used a kit that you can buy on amazon or if you want to check out some prefab sukkot then you can walk in and pick one up at the Israel Book Shop on Harvard St. in Brookline.  (or your local Judaica mega store if you’re not in Boston). In this basic overview we delineate six easy steps.
  1. Spark the girl and prepare the meat. Crucial.
  2. Build the walls.
  3. Make sure there is more skies above the sukkah than trees.
  4. Secure the walls from winds that might blow them to and fro.
  5. Roof it with kosher matting or other kosher material.
  6. Chill.
Now, to be clear, non of the six steps are as simple as they look. For example, we recommend rib eye with the Greenblatt special seasoning for the grill. This goes very nicely with Samuel Adams craft beer. Two through six is also fascinating to look more deeply into the details of these halachos. I would recommend booking a session with one of our Rabbi’s (always be closing?). Books are also a good bid if you can’t make the time or your just not too social…you know the type. By the way, a great book to read for all of our Holy holidays is, The Book of Our Heritage by Rabbi Kitov which you can actually find in store right here in Brookline, MA or order online. He brings depth to the Hebrew calendar and festivals by sharing insight and inspiration as well as the practical “how to.” Either way we hope you enjoyed the video and more importantly we hope you enjoy this incredible festival of Sukkot. There is a reason why it is called the season of our happiness…and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the New England Patriots. Chag Somayach Friends!

Looking for a party?

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