Executive Learning

Executive Learning

What would you rather have, wealth or wisdom? Although most people spend the majority of their awake hours pursuing wealth, it is certainly worth taking a moment to prioritize our values.

Torah is a wisdom applicable for all times. Often times, we hear Torah referred to as a “blue-print for life,” or the “blue-print of the universe.” However, unlocking it’s deep and relevant wisdom can be a daunting task. Jewish PULSE of Boston personalizes the Torah experience by making it accessible around your schedule, and in your comfort zone. We are happy to visit your home or office for private one-on-one or small group learning sessions. Lets make a time.

Every individual has the right and ability to build a world-view that makes sense. The #1 Best Seller of all times, Torah, provides clarity on a wide variety of topics relating to the individual, society, and universe. It addresses some of life’s most challenging questions and enhances the life experience. Most importantly, learning Torah has inherent value.

We are looking forward to learning with you. Please get in touch: info@jpulseboston.com.  Lets make a time.


Here are a few questions that we’ve received. But please don’t hesitate to ask your specific question and we’ll probablyadd it to the growing list.

Do I need to know Hebrew? No prior knowledge base is required. All are welcome.

Is this for Orthodox only? All are welcome at Jewish PULSE of Boston. We rise above denominations and movements. We successfully cater to Jews of all backgrounds and sensitivities through Torah learning at its purest level without any agenda other than learning. We pride ourselves on creating a comfortable environment for all and being accepting and accessible to every and any Jew.

Is it OK if I never went to Hebrew school? Yes. We’ll start off wherever you are. Your Judaism on your terms. In fact, some of our tutors were former Hebrew school drop-outs.

I spent time in yeshiva but want to continue learning? We have tutors and classes available for all levels.

Is this a classroom setting? We are flexible. We can meet wherever you feel most comfortable (e.g. office, home, Starbucks, etc.).