The Bais: “Night Yeshiva”


A night yeshiva program in Boston?

Get out of cyberspace and into the bais!! Did you know that one consumer research group found that the average American facebook user spends 7 hours on facebook each day!!!! Isn’t there a more productive and real social experience than checking the latest news feeds?

The Bais is learning program for sophisticated and thinking young Jewish adults. Some seek the skills to unlock classical Jewish texts on their own. “Why feed’m fish when you can teach’m to fish for themselves.” Our approach to learning is skills based in order to help our students gain the ability, the love, and the desire to uncover a clearer, more accurate, and deeper understanding of the Torah.

Each night is action packed. Come to the center and we’ll set you up with a chavrusa (learning “friend”) who is approximately as familiar (or unfamiliar) to learning as you are. We also have a team of volunteer tutors to help you achieve your upgrade in Jewish learning. Together you will tackle the Talmud or other texts with the goal of self-proficiency in learning. Enjoy a comfortable peer environment and begin your journey through Torah.

Times. The Bais meets weeknights around your schedule anytime from 8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to learn during this time slot to enjoy meeting new people and experience community in action.

Style. Students learn in chavruta style.

Times.  Mon. – Thurs. nights from 8:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

The Sched.unlock your learning - sized

Mon 800 – 945

Chavruta learning and FIT (30 – 60 minute sessions available)

Tue 800 – 945

Chavruta learning and FIT (30 – 60 minute sessions available)

Wed 800 – 945

Chavruta learning and FIT (30 – 60 minute sessions available)

Thu 800 – 945

Chavruta learning and FIT (30 – 60 minute sessions available)

8:00 Derech Hashem (Torah Philosophy – text based discussion)

815  The Chabura






Is this for men and women?

Of course! We have something every night for everyone.

So many great choices, how do I choose?

Email us to set up a meeting and we can help find a healthy starting point for your learning.

What if I only got one night?

Check out the Chabura or find 30 – 60 min. for a FIT.

I just want to learn Hebrew…got anything?

Click here and get in touch!

What if my schedule is sporadic?

We have plenty of different and diverse programs for you. Get in touch and we’ll try to find a good fit.

For more information on any of our programs, please email


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