Sukkot festival!

Sponsored in part by Samuel Adams Brewing Company

Join an awesome and diverse group of grads and young professionals for a feast fit for royalty…in the Sukkah! Dress warm for our outdoors experience as we leave our homes and surround ourselves with the holy walls of Sukkah under the stars. It is that simple and a ton of fun. All backgrounds welcome.

Here’s the schedule:

Sun – Thurs night

We will be feasting every night. If you’d like to join us for a more intimate feast, just send us an email:

Fri night, Oct. 5th

6:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat/meet and greet

7:30 pm Head for the Sukkah (~ 5 min. walk)

Enjoy a royal and festive Shabbos feast in a packed Sukkah with more young professionals like you! We will be meeting at JPULSE on Corey Road for Kabbalat Shabbat and walking to our hosts from there for a five course royal feast.

RSVP IS REQUIRED for this event as there is LIMITED SPACE. Email us:

[Overnight Shabbos hospitality is available upon request].


Sat night, Oct. 6th

8:30 pm Rock out in the Corey Road Sukkah @ JPULSE w live music and delicious buffet. If you play an instrument, bring it! If you don’t play an instrument feel free to sing along…or not;) Join us for a heartfelt and unplugged jam session as we enter the Sukkos-sphere and hear deep insights about true happiness and why Sukkot is called the “time of our happiness.” Delicious appetizers and Sammy Adam’s will be served.

Disclaimer: Must RSVP on facebook and must be 21 or older and must appreciate good people, good beer or good music.