Marriage Responsibilities in Jewish Law

According to Torah, what responsibilities does a husband have to his wife? What about a wife towards her husband? Are they equal?

Shalom Bayit: Peace in the Home

What is the secret to a happy home and lasting fulfilling marriage? This segment will include practical advice for the marriage minded.

Your Health & Wellbeing: Guard it!

What responsibilities do we have to keep our bodies healthy? Why should it matter?

The Yenta: Gossip and Slander

Why is gossip looked at so unfavorably? Are there any occasions where it would be a mitzvah to speak negatively?

Who’s Blood is More Red? Killing One to Save Another

Can one person kill another person to save a third person’s life? What about to save one’s own life? What limitations to exist?

Is it a Mitzvah to Live in Israel?

Is it a mitzvah to live in the Land of Israel? Does that mitzvah apply now or only after the times of the Messiah?

Thought Leaders in Business Ethics

Is it permissible to lie in business? If so, under which circumstances? Why is it important to conduct business ethically?

Kiddush HASHEM: What’s the point of Judaism?

What does it mean to sanctify G-d’s name? Am I responsible and why should I care?

Thought Leaders in Business Ethics

Is personal injury really an eye for an eye?

Whats up with Shabbat?

Why should Jews do that Shabbat thing? What does that even mean?

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