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7:30 PM  Dinner

8:00 PM  Choose your own adventure! Talks, Discussions (see below)

9:00 PM  Open mic music, food and drinks

Jews, Patriots, and Picking a Team

Rabbi Yitzchak Greenblatt, PhD

What does the Torah say about the Patriots? How do we choose sides? Explore the deeper psychology of sport and teams and how it relates to the Jewish people.

Balancing Altruism and Self Interest

Rabbi Anthony Manning

Women only. Altruism is the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. How do we balance the need for selflessness with the need for individual attention and love?

Dating, Marriage, & the Male-Femail Dynamic

Rabbi Mati Miller

From a Jewish perspective, dating is not a recreational sport; it is reserved solely for those mature and serious enough to be looking for their life-long partner. Of course it can be fun. But whether you’re 20 or 90, the fun is merely part of the means towards reaching the goal – marriage. With an understanding of soul mates, a working model of love, and the goal of marriage in mind, dating takes on a whole new look. In this class we will explore the male-female relationship and how Jewish guidelines in this sphere shape how dating can become more meaningful and fulfilling. We will also gain insight and tools to help discover and marry one’s ezer k’negdo – soul mate. In doing so, we will explore the following questions: š What is Judaism’s attitude toward sexual desire? š What stance does Judaism take on intimate physical relationships before marriage? š How can we best maintain our objectivity and avoid the emotional turmoil of dating? š How can we prepare ourselves to date for marriage?