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Friendships Illuminating Torah (FIT)

Private Learning Partners

Would you like to get set up with a learning mentor? We set you up with a friend that you can explore Jewish Wisdom with on Wed. nights or on another night if Wed. nights don’t work for you. Just show up or send us an email at info@jpulse.org.

Primacy of Life (Part 3)

Rabbi Yitzchak Greenblatt, PhD

What if I am forced to choose between killing one of two people? Between killing myself or killing someone else? Judaism is a system which cherishes life. We go to great lengths to preserve it. Sometimes, moral problems can arise as a result. Join Rabbi Greenblatt for a in-depth discussion of the classic Jewish sources (in English translation) spelling out the moral difference between passive and active behavior in life and death situations.

Judaism at Work?

Rabbi Mati Miller

What does one’s conduct in business say about his religious beliefs, or lack thereof? Some people are under the impression that Judaism concerns itself only with kosher food, prayer in the synagogue, and the celebration of Shabbat and Festivals. Business affairs, they reason, are governed by common sense and one’s personal sense of ethics and that one’s conduct in the workplace has little to do with being Jewish. This talk will dispel such notions and help understand why it is so important for Jews to represent Judaism, even in the workplace.

Recognizing Blessings in Our Lives: the shehecheyanu

Rabbi Peretz Goldstein

The gratitude attitude is known to be a secret for happiness and fulfillment, so it’s no surprise that it is one of the central principals of the Torah. Throughout the day, there are many opportunities for appreciating the bountiful good that we receive from our Creator. When we wake, when we get dressed and when we eat are just a few occasions that warrant thanks and thus, there are specific blessings to be made.
What about when we buy new clothes? How about a special celebration? The birth of a child?
This class will provide a guide to the laws of the versatile Shehecheyanu thanksgiving blessing.