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Boston’s hottest new Jewish learning program will match you up with a partner to learn with. Find a convenient time for your busy schedule.

FIT offers the flexibility to learn locally with a new friend either in person at our center, a coffee shop, or even at home over the phone!

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What is FIT?

FIT matches you up with a new friend to learn more about Judaism. Its up to you what to learn. You choose the topics. Brush up on your Hebrew, Jewish philosophy, or weekly parsha. Perhaps you’d rather investigate a specific topic? Enjoy a tailor made experience.

Community. Wed nights at 8:00pm friendships are forged at jpulse. If you are able to meet there and then, it is preferred, the more the merrier. If you can not make it wed nights, no worries…keep reading.

Time. FIT offers the convenience to find times that fit with your busy schedule.

Place. FIT also offers the flexibility to relax and learn at our center, a coffee shop, a home, or even over the phone!

People. Our volunteer tutors are also a FIT. We try to match you up with someone about your age and even in a similar industry if possible. We follow up periodically to see how things are going.

Would you like to hear more? Lets set up a meeting. Send us an email to info@jpulse.org or call us at 617-849-8483.

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Is this a program for the orthodox? No. This program is for Jews of all backgrounds and practices. Torah isn’t just the number one all time best seller, but it is also a common thread throughout all walks of Judaism. Torah learning also has immeasurable inherent value and is a timeless wisdom.

Is this just for men? This program is for both men and women. We will match you up with a friend who is of the same gender.

Do I have to be Jewish? Yes. This program is for members of the tribe.

Are there any prerequisites? Yes. You need to be interested and nonjudgmental. There is no prior knowledge required.

Can I learn over the phone? Yes. However, we encourage participants to forge or maintain a connection to community by enjoying the social aspect of visiting with other friends in our center during designated times. We are on the second floor at 74 Corey Road, Brighton, MA. We also have other select locations throughout greater Boston.

What if I’m not even in New England? We can connect you with someone in your area or set up something via telephone.