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Humans of JPULSE: Alex, Age 27

"Though I am certain [G-d] would create a path, if it were not for JPULSE, it would be beyond my realm of imagination how my Jewish learning and education would have manifest. The Rabbis and resources of JPULSE have been vital to my continued learning and has served...

“Jewish PULSE of Boston picks up where college programs end.  By channelling an excitement of learning into practical fundamentals, JPULSE lays the foundation to become an independent Jewish learner in the setting of like-minded peers. This Program is perfect for people who have busy schedules and are looking for high-yield learning!”

– Eric BJ Segal, MD, Pediatric Neurologist


“…For the first time in my life, my Judaism is as intellectually rigorous as my physics.”

– David Benjamin, PhD, Theoretical Physics, Harvard University


“Every minute I spend with JPULSE is a step forward in my personal growth. Through JPULSE programs I am learning the skills that I need to be self-sufficient in unlocking ancient Jewish texts, and discovering the wisdom that our people has developed over thousands of years. JPULSE provides individualized attention, and I know that they truly care about my progress. Their dedication to text based learning fills a void in Boston’s vibrant Jewish community, making JPULSE one of the most exciting Jewish initiatives in the area.”

– Gordon Dale, Graduate Student in Ethnomusicology, Tufts University


“I am so happy that the Katz family is here in Boston to be my home away from home.”

– Graduate Student, Boston University


The trip was the most amazing experience of my life!”

– Undergraduate, UMass, Amherst


“There are a lot of people my age searching for some way to indulge their Jewish identity…each one of the friends that I brought for Shabbat mentioned to me personally that they really enjoyed it and were interested in coming back.” – Medical Student, Tufts Medical School

“I not only felt welcome from day one, but I also felt part of the community and like family.”

– Student, Babson College


The FIT program is like I have my own tour guide to hold my hand while I explore the Torah and Judaism.”

– Graduate, Brandeis ’12