Club Kosher

Loving the good life.

Do something at JPULSE every month and you’re in the club. Club members get access and major discounts on JPULSE events, retreats and adventures.

Why Club Kosher?

There is so much pleasure to enjoy in this world. We enjoy delicious food, action packed adventures, and both domestic and international travel. This is for Jews of all backgrounds and religious practice.

Do I have to keep kosher to be in the club?

We are all about to connecting Jews to enjoy everything kosher regardless of personal religious background or affiliation.

How does it work?

Step 1. Get involved at JPULSE 1 x each month.

  • Latte & learn: Enjoy a cup of coffee/ice cream with one of our staff
  • Shabbos feast:¬†Enjoy a delicious home cooked meal either Friday night or Sat afternoon.
  • Chabura: Come to our weekly Thurs. night program.
  • Executive learning: learn a topic of your choice.

Step 2. Now you’re a member of Club Kosher. Members receive:

  • Excursions: Discounts on adventures (e.g. weekend excursions skiing, snowmobiling, NYC, white water rafting, etc.)
  • Israel: Awesome highly subsidized trips to Israel (e.g. free action trips and “not for tourist” trips to Israel this winter).
  • Special events: Access to local Boston events special for Club members.

Where do I sign up?

Give a shout out to and start receiving invites for upcoming happenings.

Upcoming happenings?