The Shuk

This neighborhood was established in 1887 by three partners:

  • Johannes Frutiger (German Protestant and owner of larges bank in the country at the time)
  • Shalom Konstrum
  • Joseph Navon

At the end of the 19th century this marketplace started up….it was called Shuk Beit Yaakov.

During the hay days of the Ottoman Empire, things here got sloppy and out of hand until the British took over and they gutted the place and built more permanent structures…with roofs. That’s when it changed names for Shuk Beis Yaakov to the Shuk or Machane Yehuda (named after the larger neighborhood).

In 1997 and 2002, 23 people were brutally murdered in the mall by filthy animals in a spineless terrorist attack. Of course, as with most such incidents, it only made the Israeli’s stronger and the market was upgraded to attract more middle and uppers class shopping. People no longer just came to buy produce, but they came to enjoy a cup of coffee and some entertainment.

This is a favorite hotspot when visiting the Holy Land. Good food and good vibes…looking forward to visiting again soon!