How can you clarify if you do good deeds because they are right or merely to gain honor and approval? Ask yourself: ‘Would I do this if I were all alone and no one would ever find out about my good deed?’ (Orchos Tzadikim, ch. 1) Gateways to Happiness, Pliskin, Bnay Yakov Publications,  P.278

Cause based marketing is increasingly common in the business world. For example, the Boston Red Sox has been a proud sponsor of the Jimmy Fund for over half a century and has accordingly made an unthinkable impact on the lives of countless children.

It is in this light that we want to give a shout out to Shaw’s supermarket who donated about $2,000 of kosher for Passover food to help feed Jewish families during these challenging times. They did this without being asked and without asking for any publicity. Help us praise them for their selfless acts of giving. Special thanks to our dear friend Dan Lewin for making the connection and to Ohr Shabbat for their tremendous sensitivity by quietly distributing the food while maintaining the privacy of recipients.

Go team!