When you’re on the road, a cup of coffee can be a clutch way to start the day. Journey with jpulse into a Starbucks as we take a look at the kashrut of Starbucks. Although it is a coffee shop where most people go to drink coffee, in the past decade or so they started serving a wide variety of foods, many which are not kosher (see the video for a few obvious examples). This creates a difficulty for the kosher consumer but thank G-d for the wonderful kosher certifying agencies in the world, we can gain a level of comfort ordering some but not all of the coffee offered by Starbucks. Would you like to learn more about kosher food? Click here to sign up for our friendship program. We are grateful to the Star K for compiling the easiest handy dandy chart to use. Click here to take a closer look. For a longer explanation, you should check out these rather lengthy article from the CRC, their overview or their quick reference page. Be aware of the dates of these publications and that things may have changed subsequently. Still got questions? Email us at info@jpulse.org. Thank you in advance for sharing our journey with friends!