“High yield learning for the curious and thinking Jew.”

Represent is an informative workshop for Boston’s young Jewish professionals that clarifies the greatest misunderstandings Jews have about Judaism.  REP’s receive credit towards a free trip to Israel upon successful completion of the program.

In a nutshell

  • 4 Nights: Join Jewish young professionals downtown for four nights every other Wed. night. (6:00pm – 8:00pm). Complementary dinner will be served. All sessions will be conveniently located in our new corporate headquarters in Post Office Square. Click here for location.
  • 1 Shabbat: Unplug and unwind in Brookline/Brighton with friends. We match you up with with warm host families for you to connect with. Click here for location.
  • 1 Free Israel adventure: Upon successful completion of the program, choose from qualifying trips to Israel and continue your journey. The trip is not a requirement, rather it is a bonus for those who successfully complete the program.

Topics: understand your world

  • Religious comparative: Is Judaism different than religions? Is it a nationality or religion?
  • Marriage: Why marriage in general…what’s the point? What is purpose of marriage? How to better get married and stay married?
  • Land of Israel: Is the State of Israel a Jewish state? Religious state? What is Zionism? What is religious Zionism? Why does everyone call it “The Land of Israel?”
  • Movements: What’s up with checking off boxes on dating websites? What are all these movements? Is there a practical approach to navigating within the Jewish moving terrain?
  • Calendar and holidays: What is the Jewish concept of time, reincarnation, and “zodiac?” How to maximize the life cycle? Growing as a person every day?
  • Tikun Olam: What does the Torah say about fixing the world. Is it all about Tzeddaka? What is Jewish unity? Is the situation hopeless? Peace within before peace without?

Mark your calendar

Sample evening schedule:

Each session includes a presentation from prominent Jewish lay leaders of Greater Boston.

  • 6:00pm  Buffet dinner and speaker
  • 7:00pm  Small group discussions
  • 7:20pm  Perspectives: Local Jewish lay-leaders speak
  • 8:00pm (Optional) refreshments or drinks for downtown Boston location

Calendar for upcoming workshop (subject to change):

  • Wed, Feb. 29th
  • Wed, Mar. 14th
  • Wed, Mar. 21st
  • Wed, Apr. 4th
  • Shabbat in Brookline/Brighton TBA
  • Banquet TBA



  • $36 Club Kosher members (includes complementary dinners during sessions and Shabbat excursion)
  • $259 for non-members

Limited Space – Apply now