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Join us for some or all of an energized night of learning with friends (Tues. night 5/14):


7:40 Mincha/Maariv


8:30 Dinner at JPULSE Families’ houses

Drop in talks (coed)

11:30 pm Rabbi JP Katz

What is Torah?

Why is Torah unique to any other book? Why is Torah Humanity’s all time Best Seller? Why should we care today?


12:30 pm  Rabbi Yonasan Rodkin

Shavuos: Deep legends and customs 

Understand Shavuos and the deep meaning of this unique Holiday through an energetic exploration of the legends and customs.


1:30 pm Cake ‘n coffee


1:45 pm  Rabbi Micha Cohn

Applying the Ancient Talmud to Modern Biotechnology

How do contemporary Torah scholars search for parallels between the Talmud which was written millennium ago to answer some of the ethical questions in surrogacy (ovum donation), cloning, DNA testing, and genetic engineering? Do we follow the biological parent or the surrogate? If a woman clones herself is she also the father? Is a pig genetically engineered from beef cells kosher? Using DNA in Rabbinic courts to verify the victims of 9/11.

2:45 pm Cake ‘n coffee


3:00 pm TBA


4:00 pm Last call for coffee:)


Night Yeshiva (guys)

11:30pm – 4:00pm Gemara learning with Rabbi Yonasan Rodkin