The Arizal writes, ‘Know that whoever does not sleep at all on this night and is involved in learning Torah, he is promised that he will complete the year and that no harm will befall him.’ – Mishna Berurah 494:1




Shabbos & Shavuos Schedule

Fri night, 7:00 pm Shabbos @ JPULSE (come for some or all)

Sat night, 9:00 pm feasting

Sat night, 12:00 am Torah Marathon (see details below).


Torah Marathon, Sat. night,

Kick off starts 12:00 am

There will be delicious desserts and coffees available throughout the evening.

There will be one-on-one learning groups as well as the following classes:


The Sat night sched (subject to change)

1:00 am

Topic: The Trayvon Martin incident in law and halacha: a comparison of the Jewish and American approaches to a pursuer

Description: If someone is coming to murder you, can you kill them first? This question is far from theoretical. Join Yonatan Frankel as he guides us through a comparative analysis of both the Jewish legal and American legal approach.

Lecturer: Yonatan Frankel. Yonatan Frankel received a B.A. in Computer Science from Yeshiva University and his J.D. from Harvard Law School.  He is currently completing his rabbinic ordination at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary.


2:30 am

Topic: The Torah Paradox

Description: The midrash tells us that 80% of the Jews in Egypt didn’t make it out while an estimated 2.5 million Jews left Egypt in a hurry. However, even of those who got out of Egypt, not everyone got to enter the Land of Israel. In fact, of all the men who left Egypt between ages 20 and 60, only two merited to walk on the holy soil of the Land of Israel. Is the Torah ideal impossible? What are we striving for?

Lecturer: J.P. Katz. J.P. Katz has logged many thousands of hours of rabbinic counseling on campus and in the workplace over the past five years. J.P. Katz currently serves the Boston Jewish community as the Executive Director of the Jewish PULSE of Boston, a local independent not-for-profit social and educational hub in Washington Square and downtown Boston.


3:30 am

Topic: Learning to walk before we fly: Prayer Crash Course

Description: Although there are many deep insights into the meaning behind the prayers, it is important to first build a perspective and context in which we understand the prayers. We will be investigating the origin of the various prayers, the different parts of the service, and giving practical take-away’s to help enhance the experience.

Lecturer: J.P. Katz


4:10 am 

Morning services followed by…

immediately after services cheese cake kiddush.



Sun. afternoon

2:00 pm

Lunch at JPULSE families (RSVP required