Dear Friends,
I received this important announcement from our friend Sergeant Michael O’Hara of the Boston a Police Department. We truly are blessed to live in a city which we are able to practice our religion freely. I’d like to give a big shout out to Sergeant O’Hara and the Boston Police for keeping our streets safe and making the city of Boston a stronger community.

Wishing you a happy, meaningful and safe Passover holiday,
JP Katz


Good Morning, On Monday the Boston Marathon route closes at about 9:00 AM in Brighton/Boston. With the Marathon event landing on the Last Day of Passover we have made arrangements for those attending Temple Services in Brighton and living in Brookline to cross the route at Beacon St. and Ayr Road. (Tedeschi’s to CVS). The Boston Police Officers at that location will be briefed and will cross walkers when safe to do so. Due to security requirements patience, commonsense and safety will be required by all. Happy Passover & Be Safe!

Michael C. O’Hara, Police Sergeant-Supervisor
Boston Police District 14-Community Service Office
301 Washington St.
Brighton, MA 01235