JOIN 100 FRIENDS old and new for some or all of a high impact weekend as enter the Shabbos-sphere for an action packed 25+ hour orbit. This journey is not for the faint of heart. We will be joined once again by the “Harvard Chassid” who is famed for his tremendous depth of perspective, clear explanations of lofty concepts, and absolutely hysterical presentations guaranteed to make you laugh.







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See below for Prime Time Shabbos details and schedule.
Here’s the schedule of festivities:

Fri night

4:02 pm Candle lighting (Mincha), Rockin’ Kotel Style Kabbalat Shabbat Service

5:30 pm “Tip off” meet and greet kiddush n cocktails!

7:00 pm Fri night feast (five course meal fit for royalty) (limited space so RSVP on Facebook)


Sat. morning

9:00 pm Morning Beginners Services

12:00 pm Blow out kiddush with chollent, deli roll, and the works.

Sat. afternoon

Lunch will immediately follow the kiddush (RSVP to

Nap time will immediately follow lunch;)

R Wenglin Talk III

3:45 pm Mincha

4:15 pm 3rd Meal

Maariv and havdallah will immediately follow the 3rd meal.

Sat. night