winning spermThe $1.3 billion jackpot this week is nothing compared to the prize you’ve already won. The odds of a single sper
m cell fertilizing an egg are estimated to be 1 in 200 million. That means that every human being that you see on the face of the planet has won the most precious prize. A prize which dwarfs this week’s jackpot by unthinkable proportions. The prize of life!

Why is it that we don’t deeply feel like winners every day of our lives? I would like to offer a few suggestions.

  1. First, we are constantly reminded of what we don’t have. Everywhere we look, there is another advertisement selling us something. The unintended biproduct of such and environment is missing the numerous gifts and winnings that we all have every day. Just look around and breath deep. Air fills our lungs and replenishes our cells with necessary fuel to exist. If we truly knew and appreciated in quantum detail the miracle that happens within our bodies every second, it would be nearly impossible not to smile from ear to ear!
  2. We take miracles for granted when they consistently happen. Ever think about the fact that we have a crazy surplus of the things we need the most of? Water, air (unless you’re in China) are crucial to survival. Do we stop and truly appreciate every breath of fresh air? Every glass of water? Even on a personal level we do this. Do we say thank you to the people around us for being themselves? Since we enjoy the multitude of gifts in our lives every day without fail, we tend to minimize the size of those gifts.
  3. Another reason that we don’t all feel like winners, is that the definition of success in our pop culture is virtually impossible to attain. There are only so many positions for the professional athletes, supermodels, latest top 10 start ups and the taste of success makes us want more. King Solomon in his incredible wisdom taught us that if you have $100 you’ll want $200. Satisfaction is a choice.

So my dear friends, live well and live long. You are the true winner of life and we’re all so very glad you’re here to share this wonderful world with us.