Enter to win.

Grand Prize: $50 gift certificate to Israel Book Shop.

Other prizes include $18 gift certificates to Jerusalem Pita, Butcherie, Taam China, and other local Jewish and kosher businesses.

The Tourney is in conjunction with The Chabura on Thurs. nights at our center near Washington Square in Brookline. Games will be played before and after learning. The Tourney rounds will be played over weeks. Thurs nights are game times unless that slot doesn’t work for the players. [We have one table at the center near Washington Square and it’d take way too long to play the entire tourney in one sitting.] We meet every week anyways for a night of Jewish learning, discussions etc. Hope you can make it!


Entry fee of $5 is required. 100% of proceeds will benefit local Jewish food pantries and/or Rofeh International.

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