Don't be a bystander“If you’re happy with your level of Jewish practice, then you’re not an ‘Orthodox’ Jew!” proclaimed one of my revered teachers more than a decade ago. Torah demands that we constantly strive to perfect ourselves. How do you transform yourself from being a bystander to being a vibrant participant in Torah? The answer is simple. Stop reading about Torah in the blogosphere and start learning the Torah itslef. Everyone is clicking and blogging and posting about the most recent strain of the most recent movement. Some try to feed you delicious fish because you don’t take the time to learn how to fish for yourselves. Too many times, we lecture about Torah and about Torah learning but fail to engage directly with the Torah itself. The time is now. Learn Torah directly.

Is our Night Yeshiva is too much for your schedule? No problem. Contact your learning partner and set up a time. If you don’t have someone to contact, I’ll find you one.

To drive this point home, check out a video from a former Gemara rabbi of mine….he’s amazing and he is like this all the time by the way:)