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Sleepwalking through Life? Wake up! (Part 2)

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenblatt

What is the Jewish approach to cultivating awareness?
Too many people are sleeping through life. Technically awake, but not mindful. When asked why he slept so little, Napoleon is quoted as having said, “Every moment I’m awake I can bask in the glory of being the king. But when I’m asleep, I’m just another peasant.”

Riding the Wave of Inspiration

Rabbi Peretz Goldstein

Rosh Hashana  Yom Kippur  Sukkot

Ok, so the Holiday season is over and we had a great time. As we get ready for the long, cold winter, discover what messages we can take with us to help ride the wave of inspiration.

Defining the Time of Death

Rabbi Mati Miller

An in-depth analysis of the sources and how they apply to day’s day and age.