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7:30 PM  Dinner

8:00 PM  Choose your own adventure! Talks, Discussions (see below)

9:00 PM  Open mic music, food and drinks

The Primacy of Life

Rabbi Yitzchak Greenblatt, PhD

Judaism is a system which cherishes life. We go to great lengths to preserve it. Sometimes, moral problems can arise as a result. What if I am forced to choose between killing one of two people? Between killing myself or killing someone else? Join Rabbi Greenblatt for a in-depth discussion of the classic Jewish sources (in English translation) spelling out the moral difference between passive and active behavior in life and death situations.

The Seven Noahide Laws

Rabbi Peretz Goldstein

A common misconception that people have about Torah is that it is exclusively for the Jews. The truth is that we are not a proselytizing religion and as such, we have never encouraged gentiles to join our religion, but rather, we guide them to embrace their own Torah.
Join Rabbi Goldstein as we explore the 7 Noahide Laws which are incumbent on all Humanity.

Judaism and Personal Autonomy

Rabbi Mati Miller

Do people have the right to end their own lives?
Do their reasons make a difference?
What if a person is severely depressed, terminally ill, or vegetative?
Can others help them commit suicide?
What about doctors?
What about ‘passive euthanasia’ – i.e. cutting off a feeding tube?
What does Judaism have to say about it?