Multiplex @ JPULSE!

This wed night JPULSE will offer a number of classes simultaneously.

7:30 pm Dinner

8:00 pm Class

Prayer w Rabbi JP Katz

Mitzvah Project Class Prayer thumbnailIs there a Torah source for Prayer? Why do we face Jerusalem? Is it the different or the same as meditation? Is it better than meditation? Why do Jews try to pray in Hebrew and follow a script, wouldn’t it be better if it were in my own words? Can I pray any time and in any place? Who am I really praying to, anyway?

We will investigate the sources of prayer in the Torah as well as practical applications today. We will also discover how to maximize the effectiveness of our prayer through understanding and harnessing various emotional states.

Tefillin w Rabbi Mati Miller

Mitzvah Project Class tefillin thumbnailLearn about the mitzvah of tefillin. This deep and meaningful ritual is more than a Commandment from the Almighty. It is also a meditation on bringing thought into action, elevating the physical world around us, and connecting and employing our Spiritual heritage to make our days as productive as humanly possible.


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