This year, don’t just light the candles. Understand more deeply why you are lighting them. Preparation is everything.

Lighting the Chanukah candles is the most well practiced Jewish tradition in America.  What spiritual forces have sustained Chanukah throughout the long journey of the Jewish people.


Join us at JPULSE, just four days before Chanukah begins once more, as Rabbi Gidon Shoshan reviews the how-to of Chanukah candle lighting and – more importantly – shares the inner meaning of the various laws and customs of the candles and of Chanukah.  You won’t want to miss this uplifting talk that promises to enrich your Chanukah, this year…

….and for years to come.



Who: Rabbi Gidon Shoshan

What: “The Inner Light of Channuka”

When: 6:30 pm Dinner. 7:30 pm Talk.

Where: JPULSE Center on Corey Road (74 Corey Road, 2nd floor, Brighton, MA)

Why: Because its a mitzvah🙂

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