Tzvi Gluckin is a popular and in-demand speaker and lectures regularly throughout the US, Canada, and Israel. He is the featured speaker for JOU Max, an online, interactive program for college students (hundreds of students participate each year in this intensive 10-week program).  He is also the director or Totally Online, an online, interactive Hebrew School for children who live far from Jewish communities.

Tzvi has written four books including the wildly popular Everything You Want Is Really Jewish, Discover This (the Discovery Seminar as a book), and Knee Deep in the Funk: Understanding the Connection Between Spirituality and Music (all titles are available on Amazon).  His articles, essays, video presentations, and MP3s are featured in numerous publications and on the web.

Tzvi is also an accomplished musician.  He has performed with jazz legends Cecil Taylor, George Russell, and others.  And he recorded Jewish Roots Music, an album of original acoustic Jewish music.  (You can find it on iTunes.)

Tzvi served in the Israeli Army, holds a B.M. in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory of Music, and received his rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Noah Weinberg ztz’l at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem.  He is now the director of Vechulai, an innovative Jewish think tank in Boston.

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