Ezra Schwartz, zt"l Memorial Baseball Tournament

In the summer of 2017, about a year and a half after Ezra was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in Israel, the town of Sharon and Maimonidese community put on their rally caps and pulled together a Shabbaton for the history books. Teams coming from as far away schools as Atlanta, Georgia participated in what hopes to be an annual baseball tournament in memory of Ezra. The unity amongst the boys was palpable and the Sharon community put on an inspiring baseball themed Shabbaton with too many highlights to mention.

The tournament began Thursday night and of course Shabbat was uplifting without baseball. Nonetheless, the boys enjoyed an epic whiffle ball game in the Schwartz’ back yard Sat. afternoon. The friendships and togetherness created a most beautiful Shabbat weekend. We visited with Ruth Schwartz, Ezra’s mother at the Championship game on Sunday afternoon and hear from Rabbi Noah Cheses some inspirational words about baseball and the essence of the weekend together furthering that “special light that Ezra brought into the world.”