Do It Yourself Biltong!

Rabbi Greenblatt takes us on a journey as we make our own biltong at the JPULSE center.

Here is the recipe for the courageous:

1) Buy Kosher Meat. Bostonians can find good cuts at the Butcherie. We used Eye-of-Round Roast. Any meat will dry and taste fine, but the nicer the cut, the nicer the end-product.

2) Slice Meat as shown in video.

3) Soak in vinegar for a while (20 mins or so).

4) Drain a bit.

4) Coat with seasoning – kosher salt, crushed coriander seeds, paprika, black pepper.

5) Hang to dry in a dry place (in a dehydrator if you have one) and wait.

6) Eat and Enjoy!