4,000 Students at AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington D.C.

In March of 2017, I attended my very first AIPAC Policy Conference where more than 18,000 people converged on Washington D.C. to stand with Israel. This was a tremendously inspiring weekend. Shabbat was attended by more than 1,000 Jewish people from all over the world and the speakers were informative and inspirational. There were Jews from all walks of religious practice.

Sunday through Tuesday was incredible. To see so many people gathering for Israel was beyond description. Jew and gentile alike came together to show support, get informed, and participate in what some called the largest event in Washington. In this video, we wanted to find out why students were coming to Policy Conference and which Universities they were coming from. Given that AIPAC reported that students came from more than 700 schools in total, we only scratched the surface.