This weekend my family and I met up with an old family friend from Sharon at a very unlikely place – the Allston-Brighton Police Station. Sergeant Mike O’Hara, organized the annual Child Safety Day in Brighton which was hosted by the Boston Police Department. Sergeant O’Hara has been wonderful asset to the Allston-Brighton police department and has had a positive impact on the Jewish community here in Boston on many levels. For example, he went out of his way to ensure a kosher grill would be set up so that Brighton’s Torah observant Jewish community could participate in the fun day learning about child safety. Additionally, when a swastika was found on a local school wall, he was on the scene bright and early in the morning to personally remove the image before any children could be disturbed upon seeing the hate symbol upon arriving at school. Although the news agencies did not find this to be noteworthy, we wanted to give a shout out and two thumbs up to Sergeant O’Hara for helping to keep our neighborhoods a more safe and a whole lot friendlier place. Thanks so much!