In a time when we are constantly reminded of what we don’t have, isn’t it amazing to hit pause and appreciate what we do have? Check out this awesome video reminding us of what we already know, but so quickly forget.


100 blessings every day help us maintain our balance and center of gravity throughout a hectic day. What a powerful concept! Pausing and focusing before enjoying the delights of eating, is as relevant today as it has ever been. Try hitting pause for just a moment to recognize the Source of all kindness and all of the trillions of steps and miracles that were necessary for each one of us to enjoy the delicious sustenance we eat every day.

A friend/student of mine asked what was I saying before I ate so we learned about it. There is always deeper understandings, but this concept is vital even on the surface level. Here is a 30 second multi media presentation and a related link for your enjoyment;)



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