What happens when you combine Jews with The Great Outdoors, beer, meat and freshly caught fish? Come along and find out!

We’ll be meeting at Coolidge Corner on August 6th at 10am and carpooling to the Cape (please let me know if you have a car and are able to drive).

Once we’re there, we’ll fish at one of the top fishing spots in the state.
Don’t know how to fish? Nvm, one of our seasoned pros will help you get set up and you’ll become an expert in a day!
Don’t want to fish? Nvm, there’s plenty to do in the area, e.g. whale watching, historic sites, cycle tours etc.

Then, we’ll meet back together to visit a brewery and then grill whatever we caught!

For those who want to head back to Boston, we should be back by 8pm, otherwise, you’re welcome to stick around to check out some of the local night-life…

**Please RSVP so that we can have an idea about how much meat to buy!
**There will be a small cost for the food & fishing rentals etc.

For more info, please contact Rabbi Goldstein

Please spread the word! #TheJewsWillConquerTheCape