Festive Holiday Meals

We will be having festive meals in both locations throughout the weekend. Please contact us by Fri. afternoon, June 10th the latest: info@jpulse.org Sat. night will be a special night of all night learning. Gourmet coffees and delicious desserts will be in abundance throughout the night!


Private learning partners available if you’d prefer to learn one-on-one with a tutor. Contact us info@jpulse.org or just swing by Sat. night! 9:30PM Festive Meal (email info@jpulse.org) for location. 12:00 AM “Removing Obstacles to Happiness” w Rabbi JP Katz Everyone knows that happiness is clutch to success on the road of life. How do we defend from deterrences and plow through the obstacles that stand in our way? This VERY PRACTICAL and inspiring talk will deal head on with anxiety, stress, and other hinderances to happiness. 1:00 AM “Unlocking Your Unique Potential” w Rabbi JP Katz Nature and nurture determine the bulk of our identity. However, there is more than meets the “I.” We will explore the concept of “self” (not to be confused with “selfie”) and how it impacts our behavior. In this talk we will be focusing on understanding arguably the most important person in your life, YOU. We will offer practical tips on how to both explore and build your world. “If I am me because you are you, and you are you because I am me, then I am not me and you are not you. But if I am me because I am me, and you are you because you are you, then I am me and you are you.”  – Rebbe from Kotzk 2:00 AM “Learning Torah or Performing It’s Mitvos, Which is greater?” w Rabbi JP Katz So, everyone knows that learning Torah is the number one mitzvah, but what happens when another mitzvah comes your way? If we are learning Torah to understand the mitzvos, then how could we not close the book and do the mitzvos? On the other hand, how can we stop doing the number one mitzvah of them all? 3:00 AM “Q&A: Anything goes” w Rabbi JP Katz Fasten your seat-belts!


Join Rabbi Miller for a festive meal at Beth Israel of Malden. The communal meal will be followed by fascinating talks investigating the Torah’s perspective on saving a human’s life. Email miller@jpulse.org for more information.