Dinner, Learning, Drinks, Live Music!

7:30 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Choose your own adventure! Talks, Discussions (see below)

9:25 PM Open mic music, food and drinks

"The Mask: Deeper Insights Into Purim" w Rabbi Mati Miller

Over the next few weeks we’ll be delving into the deeper meaning behind the holiday of Purim.

  • Why do we dress up in costume?
  • Why do we drink and feast?
  • Why is this holiday so special?

"When is Judaism 'Do or die?'" w Rabbi Carter Schwartz

When is Judaism “Do or Die”?

  • How are we supposed to deal with the “absolutes” we see throughout Jewish philosophy in our modern, flexible world?
  • What is misplaced mercy?  Where do we see examples of it in today’s social practices and in film/media?
  • How in Torah philosophy (if ever) does a person reach a point where he/she “deserves to die”?
  • What does this discussion have to do the overwhelming happiness of Purim?

"Shabbat: Paradox in Time" w Rabbi JP Katz

In a technological age, we have no shortage of stimuli and types of community in all forms. However, there are important components to life that we often miss out on. Don’t miss the boat.

  • You’ve experienced the Shabbos feast, but what is the Shabbat?
  • Discover a deeper connection to Shabbat, the universe and yourself.
  • Unlock the healing powers of Shabbat.
  • Find out why “disconnect to reconnect” is taking the world by storm and how that relates to the Jewish Sabbath.