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7:30 PM  Dinner

8:00 PM  Choose your own adventure! Talks, Discussions (see below)

9:00 PM  Open mic music, food and drinks

Sleepwalking through Life? Wake up! (Part 1)

Rabbi Dr. Yitzchak Greenblatt

What is the Jewish approach to cultivating awareness?
Too many people are sleeping through life. Technically awake, but not mindful. When asked why he slept so little, Napoleon is quoted as having said, “Every moment I’m awake I can bask in the glory of being the king. But when I’m asleep, I’m just another peasant.”
As Yom Kippur approaches, learn how to be truly awake.

Yom Kippur - The Consequence of Autonomy

Rabbi Peretz Goldstein

Freedom of will is perhaps the defining factor of Man. This autonomy allows a person to soar to the greatest heights and also sink to the lowest depths. Discover the enormous role that free will plays in our lives especially at this time of year in the high holiday season.

Successfully Strategizing Personal Change

Rabbi JP Katz

Why is personal change so difficult to achieve? What is the Jewish Wisdom’s secret to personal change? We recognize the need to change, but where do we start? This talk presents a practical approach to avoiding pitfalls, creating lasting personal change and setting our GPS towards excellence.

"Buried Alive! - Is There Any Way to Save Me?"

Rabbi Mati Miller

An in-depth Talmud based study of the laws of Shabbat and when and if they can be broken.