Dinner, Learning, Drinks, Live Music!

7:30 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Choose your own adventure! Talks, Discussions (see below)

9:25 PM Open mic music, food and drinks

"Ketubah: The Jewish Prenup" w Rabbi Mati Miller

There are so many beautiful parts to a Jewish wedding. Something a bit mysterious is the Ketubah.

  • What is the history and mechanics of the Ketubah?
  • Why do people put it on their walls?
  • Why is it crucial to a Jewish wedding?

"Fear of Failure, Rejection, and the Unknown: How Can We Possibly Win?" w Rabbi Carter Schwartz

  • Why did at least 80% of the Jews enslaved in Egypt refuse to leave with Moses and the others?
  • What helped the Jews at the Red Sea (before it split) deal with their fears? Is this something we can apply today and if so how?
  • Why is it so easy to slip back in to the same fears and doubts after overcoming them? Can this be avoided? Did the Jewish People succeed after the Red Sea?
  • Can all negative fears be overcome? Why do some seem so resistant to even our most dedicated efforts? Does G-d want us to live forever with these fears?

"Habits of Successful Singles" w Rabbi JP Katz

Join us for an open and honest discussion as we delve into the dating process using a new online bulb course (bulbcourse.org) as a guideline for discussion. This talk/discussion requires a mobile device and will be addressing some topics such as:

  • Clubbing vs. Matchmaking
  • Playing Hard to Get
  • Search for the Soul Mate
  • Value Systems Approach to Dating