Dinner, Learning, Drinks, Live Music!

7:30 PM Dinner

8:00 PM Choose your own adventure! Talks, Discussions (see below)

9:25 PM Open mic music, food and drinks

"Exodus: An Emotional Approach" w Rabbi Carter Schwartz

  • How did the Jewish people go from a prominent minority to a slave labor force? Did we do something wrong to deserve it?
  • What qualified Moses to be the redeemer?
  • Why is it said that the Jewish women were the cause for the redemption? What did they do so well to deserve this praise?
  • How does the situation in Egypt before the redemption parallel our situation today?

"Business Ethics" w Rabbi Mati Miller

Join Rabbi Mati Miller as the group explores and delineates ethical business practices. This is a text based discussion in a group setting.

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